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10 May 2018

Investing in JV Developments

New Investment Opportunities At Source our policy has always been to help investors find the best quality property investments with a primary focus on...
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20 April 2018

Setting up for buy to let success

When considering getting involved with buy to let property investment there is a temptation to start by diving online and finding a good-looking prope...
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27 March 2018

Where best to buy in 2018

There are many issues for investors to consider when identifying where best to buy in the residential rental market. Budget For many this is probably ...
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17 January 2018

Ask an Expert

Need Help? Our Ask an Expert service gives you the opportunity to pick the brains of Tom Jewell, Managing Director of Source Property Investments.  I...
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22 November 2017

The Autumn Budget and Housing

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Budget unveiled a range of measures to boost housing and devolution. Devolution The Chancellor confirmed a ...
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25 October 2017

Tax pressures on Landlords

As tax pressures on landlords continue to increase many are looking for ways to reduce their liability. We are not accountants so we urge all landlord...
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19 October 2017

Cost and Location drive tenant choice

Cost and Location are top of tenants requirements No surprise but cost and location are the two key factors that influence property choices for more ...
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19 October 2017

Economies of scale in property investment

Economies of scale In this blog we explain how we help individual investors and portfolio landlords benefit from economies of scale with their propert...
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31 August 2017

Increase in Rents

There are different drivers causing an increase in rents. Increased tax liabilities on landlords are causing many to put in place an increase in rents...
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