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23 August 2017

New Rules for Portfolio Landlords

Phase 1 of the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) changes to buy-to-let mortgage lending were introduced in January 2017 and in...
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15 August 2017

Property remains a viable investment

Despite the doom and gloom amongst some landlords about whether property remains a viable investment there remain several reasons why landlords can co...
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31 July 2017

New Website Launched

We have launched our new website at Since our inception Source Property Investment has gone from strength to strength f...
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12 June 2017

After the election now what?

What’s the impact of the election on the housing market and our financial prospects? Property The political uncertainty resulting from the election ...
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7 June 2017

Investing retirement cash funds

For those many people who have been lucky enough to have either retired or will soon be retiring with a good value pension there is a dilemma about i...
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30 May 2017

Optimistic property prediction

Latest research from Barclays Bank gives an optimistic property prediction of the housing market over the next five years. The bank is predicting tha...
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11 May 2017

Where should I buy my next property investment?

With so many changes impacting buy to let property investment many existing and prospective investors are struggling to find an answer the question of...
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8 May 2017

Why house prices will rise

The reason According to a study by economists at the University of Reading presented to the Royal Economic Society, house prices will rise faster than...
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12 April 2017

House prices to rise by £52,000 by 2021

House Prices to Rise This week saw the release of some interesting predictions of relevance to any potential property investors hesitating about wheth...
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