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27 January 2016

Why you might want to use a letting agent

Are you a part time landlord? A number of landlords have traditionally got by without a letting agent deciding that they are well equipped to do the j...
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Buy. Investment. Letting.
20 January 2016

Investing in Buy to Let Property

Investment in buy to let property is unique because you can use borrowed funds to make your own money work for you. Why? Because the value of the prop...
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Buy. Crossrail. Investment.
18 January 2016

Crossrail – Maidenhead and Reading

Crossrail – Maidenhead and Reading In this blog we look at the case for investing in properties in Crossrail – Maidenhead and Reading. From 20...
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Crossrail. Investment.
18 January 2016

Property Investment on the Crossrail

Can property Investment on Crossrail still prove profitable or have the best bargains already gone?   What is Crossrail? From 2018 there will be ...
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